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About Us
Hunton Machinery
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DongGuan Hunton Machinery Co. Ltd is one of the major manufacturers specialized in manufacturing oil press, hydraulic press and other general equipment. Now it already has excellent design team, strict quality management and excellent after-service.

The company has been adhering to “stable quality, accurate delivery, timely service”business philosophy through years of growth and development.

After years of manufacturing experience and advanced technology communication, products adopt advanced hydraulic, electrical, sealing materials and technology on the basis of its own design and production process which not only make the structure of product improved but also satisfy modern manufacture required precision, reliability ,easy operation and maintenance.

Now the new developed product of servo series has low noise, simple operation and maintenance, energy conservation and environmental protection advantages which has widely used in: jewelry, metal fabrication, clocks and watches, glasses, electronics, automobile manufacturing, household appliances, led, etc.

Product is now available throughout the domestic market and exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, the United States and other foreign markets.

DongGuan Hunton Machinery Co. Ltd will adhering to the business philosophy, wholeheartedly provide excellent service for customers.
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